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Your Process Matters

Your process matters. More than how much you blog. More than social media. More than the actual services or product you deliver. So we can already assume you are awesome at what you do. But your process… is what makes the difference between constantly searching for new clients…and being booked out in advance. You may Read More

7 Types Of Videos for Your Website

You’ve probably already heard about the power of video. With over 1 billion (BILLION) unique visitors to Youtube each month, it’s clear video has become an important part of people’s content-consuming habits. But besides the potential traffic and new customers from those 1 billion Youtube users, video helps you connect with your audience in a Read More

Online Forms For Your Website

No matter what industry you are in, if you’re running an online business, having more than just a simple contact form can really make a difference in your client intake process. Putting together systems and processes is something most entrepreneurs struggle with, I know I have. But once I took the time to really look Read More

Farideh Ceaser Guest Post

Last May, Leah and I teamed up for the launch of her Stress Less & Impress e-course; a self-study program that walked freelancers through systematizing their business for success. Since Leah is a humble woman, she likely hasn’t told you that her first launch was a 5-figure launch. The Freelance to Freedom community grew because Read More

Google Analytics 101

I remember the first site I ever built and it was oh so exciting. First of all, I actually managed! Then of course came the excitement that I actually had my own little home online. But even better, getting to see that people actually come to the site and where they are located in the Read More

Custom Subscriber Thank You Page

Turning your website visitors into true fans and clients isn’t always about the big picture, but rather the little details. Surprising and delighting them at each step of their interaction with you is what draws them in further and keeps them sticking around long enough to fall in love with you. So today I want Read More


A great way to spice up your praise page (or other pages on your site for that matter) is to make some quick edits rather than just uploading them directly as the original. The most popular type of edit for a praise page, and the one I get asked about the most, is how to Read More


You connect with someone in a Facebook group. She wants to know more about you so she clicks through to your personal profile to see who are you are and what you do. (Neither of you know it yet but she is a *dream* client who you’d love to work with!) But your personal profile Read More

Magic Action Box Plugin

Optin forms. You know you need them on your website. But no matter how cute that silly monkey is in Mailchimp, or how easy Aweber makes it seem to make a form, it’s still a hassle (and not so pretty)! Not only that, but you’ve been told you need them in multiple places on your Read More

Increase Subscribers & traffic

If you’ve been hanging out with me for more than a month, you’ve likely already noticed my new digs. If you’re new to these parts, this fancy home was a little less fancy back in 2013. I’m a web designer, so of course, all my sites are custom designed (by me, duh!). Although my profession Read More

All the instructions she provided allowed me to do things on my own, and her willingness to help if I didn’t understand something. People take my business more serious as my website is much more professional.
Carlie Fitzpatrick
Leah Kalamakis
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