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WordPress Updates

Just a friendly reminder from your favorite web designer here. If you’ve been slacking on the WordPress updates side of things, you might be in for trouble. Some of you are thinking, “Eek, I know, but I never have time”. But some others might be saying, “What are WordPress updates?”. What? You didn’t notice the Read More

Small Business Bodyguard

Did you know that if you are giving out advice on your website, someone could potentially use it, not get results & sue you?! Did you know if you share a special method or “trade secret” on your blog, someone could copy & paste and use it as their own? Did you know if you Read More


In the old days of the web, the fonts you see on a website would be determined by what fonts you (the visitor) had installed on your computer.  This limited the font choices greatly for web designers- knowing that most people do not hang around the internet downloading cool fonts for fun. Then came along Read More

How to make a tweetable link

I’m loving the requests that have come in for my Fancy Up Your Blog series! If you’ve been wanting to know how to do something to go more pro with your blog, don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments! So far we’ve talked about adding borders around your images and putting images in Read More


This week in my Fancy Up Your Blog Series, I show you the simple way to add a border to an image within WordPress. Adding a border gives a nice professional touch and is a quick & easy way to get outta the DIY zone and fancy it up a bit! Watch the video below Read More


NEW: Fancy Up Your Blog Series! In the next few weeks I’ll be sharing some tips & tricks to make your blog just a bit fancier. Simple things to make you look a little more pro. Sign up in the black box above to make sure you don’t miss these easy-to-implement, blog-fancy-uppers! This week: How Read More

Too Much Info

I don’t think I took psychology in high school, and if I did, I obviously don’t remember.  I may have in college. But living in crazy fun NYC and going to Fashion school, psychology wasn’t on the top of the list of important classes to take. Nevertheless, it was always fascinating to me when it Read More

Custom Blog Signature

Hey there! Ever wonder how someone adds their actual signature at the end of their blog post? Adding a custom signature, whether it’s your own or just a signature-style font at the end of a blog post, adds just a touch of personalization, making your reader feel like it is a real person behind the Read More


The beauty of WordPress is the 1000s of free plugins available to spice up your site and make it a marketing machine. One of the key parts of getting more traffic to your website is the ability for visitors to share your content on social media. There are hundreds of options to help people share Read More


Imagine. You have recently (or not recently) done one of two things: Invested a little or a lot of your hard-earned $$$$ (or maybe € or £) into hiring a web designer to build your website. Or You have spent a lot of painstaking hours reading articles, watching Youtube videos, following instructions, calling support numbers Read More

All the instructions she provided allowed me to do things on my own, and her willingness to help if I didn’t understand something. People take my business more serious as my website is much more professional.
Carlie Fitzpatrick
Leah Kalamakis
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