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7 Types of Videos You Should Use To Connect With Your Audience

7 Types Of Videos for Your Website

You’ve probably already heard about the power of video. With over 1 billion (BILLION) unique visitors to Youtube each month, it’s clear video has become an important part of people’s content-consuming habits.

But besides the potential traffic and new customers from those 1 billion Youtube users, video helps you connect with your audience in a much more personal way.

People want to work with people. Being able to see you or hear you speak, makes your potential customers feel like you are a real person and connect faster to you and your message.

But I’m sure you know all this already. What you may be a little stuck on, is how you can actually use video in your online business. Because it doesn’t just have to be for blog posts.

Here are 7 examples of ways you can use video in your business

Welcome Homepage Video

There is no better way to connect instantly with your new visitors than a homepage welcome video. You can introduce yourself, what your website is about, and what your visitor will learn if they take the time to explore your other pages.

This could be a video of you, an animated video with your voice, or something more creative like my client Emily Lewis, who had her cat tell her visitors what her website is about.

Optin Video

Instead of just having some short text about why someone should optin to your newsletter, use video to stand out from the crowd! This can be a blend of a welcome video that mentions your optin like my client Becky Duncan or a video that plays AFTER the person opts in to say thank you (or just to be a little more fun) like my client Farideh and her “Launch Checklist” freebie.

Sales Page Video

Sales pages tend to get long. And not everyone likes to read all that text. Using video to quickly explain what your course or program is about makes it easier for those people to quickly know whether they should keep reading.

This is also great because it can be a kind of “trailer” for your course as well. You can share just the video on social media, and get new traffic to your sales page from Youtube like Heather Thorkelson and I did for our LEAP Guide program.

Facebook Videos

People love to watch and share videos on Facebook. And although you should be putting videos on Youtube, to take advantage of the extra traffic and visibility that can bring, uploading videos directly to Facebook has it’s benefits. When you upload a video directly to Facebook (rather than posting a link to it from Youtube or Vimeo, the video will auto-start in people’s news feeds. This a more more noticeable than just a thumbnail image and therefore more likely that people will watch and consume your content.

When inspiration strikes, whether it be a little pep talk or quick lesson to teach your audience, record yourself and post it directly to Facebook! Lana Shlafer does an amazing job of this if you’d like to get some regular inspiration on how she does it, like her page! She’ll record herself on a walk or in her car when the inspiration strikes. I feel like I know her personally because of these videos and it puts her on top of my mind if I ever want to hire someone for what she offers.

Blog Post Videos

This is a classic. But the best part- you don’t have to commit to doing a video only blog. I have had a hard time getting started doing regular videos on my Freelance To Freedom Project blog, but when a topic comes up that would be great as a video, I do it! Like this one about how to stop email madness.

Tutorial Videos

You are familiar with these, because it’s what I often do here on this blog. Whenever you want to teach something that is more clear with visuals, doing a screencast or video of a powerpoint tutorial is a great way to achieve that. You can use a screen capture software like Screenflow or Camtasia and record your screen while you’re talking.

This doesn’t have to be for just technical fields. Think outside the box, you can likely do some kind of tutorial in your industry that will help your clients learn something new.

About Page Video

Instead of agonizing about what to write on your about page, push record and just talk! Sure, you should still have a sort of outline. But what a great way to really tell people what you are about and who you help by actually telling them with your face!

Worried you need a bunch of equipment to do videos?

That doesn’t have to be the case. I started out just doing screencasts with Screenflow. A little investment, that allows me to give a lot of value. Then when I wanted to do videos of myself, I just used my laptop webcam or my iphone. When I was ready to upgrade a little after that I bought some lights (under $100) and a mic (for under $50) and the quality drastically improved.

The point is, just get started with what you have. Then once you decide you like it and want to go a little more pro, invest in some extra accessories.

If you already know the value of video, have dabbled in it, and are ready to take a step up in quality and go a little more pro, I’ve got the perfect thing for you!

Introducing Little Vids!

The easiest way to step up the quality of your videos, and make sure they are on brand and shareable is a professional video intro.

My fiancé was tired of my DIY video intro (which you can see in any of my past blog posts), so he decided to make me a new one:

Way more pro right?

Starting a video with this sure makes me look like I know what I’m talking about! Once I shared my new intro on social media, I had a ton of people asking if they could have one too. So Mathieu and I decided to start offering it as a service. And Little Vids was born.

Little Vids

So if you’re ready to go a little more pro with your videos, come check out our new service here. I’ll also be adding this as on my Work With Me page and offering it to new clients. We have a great introductory price and quick turnaround- so you can get back to doing what you do best and stop worrying that you look like you’re just wingin’ it!



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  • Lu

    Great posts. I have been using video for a while, but you reminded me there are so many other areas I can add video to my content offerings. Also, congrats on the new company. What a wonderful idea!

  • Great post! Thanks for sharing your insights. I like the break down of simple options based on the kind of approach I want to take.

  • Mylene

    Great post Leah ! I’m curious : which lights and mic do you use ?

  • Lovely lady, I’m catching up on my reading and just now landed on this – love the post and so giddy that you included mention of my “cat” video. This is also a great nudge to do the next one.

    As always, you rock. xo

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