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How to Setup a Custom Thank You Page for Subscribers & Tips to Make it Awesome

Custom Subscriber Thank You Page

Turning your website visitors into true fans and clients isn’t always about the big picture, but rather the little details.

Surprising and delighting them at each step of their interaction with you is what draws them in further and keeps them sticking around long enough to fall in love with you.

So today I want to talk about one of those little details:

What happens after someone subscribes to your list?

The first question to ask yourself is: do you know? 

Yes, they get a confirmation email and likely an auto-responder welcome email.

But for something so easy as signing up for a list, there is actually quite a few not-so-obvious steps in between that you may have skipped past when first setting up your list.

After they add their name and email to the optin form:

After clicking “Yes Please” (or whatever your button says), subscribers are redirected either to a default boring page setup by your newsletter program…..or a custom page on your website.

After they click “confirm” in the first confirmation email they receive.

Once they click confirm, just like the above, subscribers are redirected to another page…confirming that they’ve confirmed.

When setting up your email list and seeing the large amount of things to customize, it’s easy to scan past these details.

But it’s the little details that count.

So it’s time to fix these little details and create custom thank you pages for your subscribers.

Here’s a quick video showing you how to set it all up and what to include (Mailchimp & Aweber):

Some great things to add to your final welcome page:

  • Your freebie to download
  • Invite to follow you on social media + links
  • Most popular blog posts
  • A welcome video
  • A note about working with you
  • What to expect as a subscriber to your list.

Your Turn:

Let me know in the comments if you have custom pages setup or not. If so, what do you include in yours?


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  • Thank you for sharing this handy tip! I am definitely adding this to my list once I get my opt-in + new site up.

  • This was great Leah. I really have some issues with my page, design, making newsletters more interesting and customed. I got my website built from a company in India. It was not smart even though I thought I would save money. Now I realize I need to do it all over again and get a more solid design and expression all over my website, social media platforms and newsletters.

  • Great advice! I have a custom thank you page. As well as saying welcome and thank you I mention my bonus (I send all subscribers my “Email Secrets” mini training series).

    I also have share buttons and a note about “whitelisting” my email address (in the hopes of avoiding the spam filter).

  • Leah, I love your blog – you always provide incredibly useful tips. Will pimp my pages based on your suggestions now!

  • Hi Leah,
    Great tutorial! Quick question: I am with Mail Chimp and I am looking for a way to send my opt-in to them. You mention including it as a link on the “You’re In!” page. Is there a way that it can be sent via email to them or do I need to create another page that says “Click here to grab your download” (or just add it to my “You’re In” Page)

    • Leah

      Hey Holly! You can either put the link to it on your “You’re In” page or you can add the link to your “Welcome Email” in Mailchimp. Or you can do both so you’re sure they’ll see it!

  • Ok…are you reading my mind? I was just wondering this THIS MORNING! Thanks for the great resources. I love your site and your blog posts are MOST helpful. So happy to connect!

  • Thank you so much! I also was wondering today how to do this – thank you! (-:

  • Help! My second custom page is saved in mail chimp, but when I press the “save” button for the sign up confirmation page, the save button won’t be pressed. Any ideas? Thanks (-:

    • Leah

      Oh weird! Sorry about that. I wouldn’t contact Mailchimp since it must just be some bug in your account.

  • Hi Leah,
    Thank you for your tutorial.

  • This was super helpful Leah. I’ve wasted so much time trying to figure out what is customizable in Mailchimp and what is not. I’m grateful to have your video to help point out the details on where to look and what to do. I want my subscribers to see text that comes directly from me when they sign up for my list and not some boring boilerplate.

  • So excited to give this a try! Thanks for the tip Leah. Been looking for ways to make my email marketing better.

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