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Google Analytics 101 – Tutorial

Google Analytics 101

I remember the first site I ever built and it was oh so exciting. First of all, I actually managed! Then of course came the excitement that I actually had my own little home online. But even better, getting to see that people actually come to the site and where they are located in the world!

So, that last part is pretty cool, but I have to admit, I didn’t have much to look at in my analytics account of my first website, especially when it was only my parents I gave the url to.

Regardless of whether you get 1000s of visitors, or just your mom, it’s important to keep a regular eye on your traffic analytics if you are serious about growing your business.

Why should you track and what should you look at

Your Average Pageviews Per Visit

Pageviews is tells you how many pages a single visitor looks at before leaving your site. Are people looking at multiple pages on your site before they leave or hitting the X as soon as they arrive? If they leave quick, what can you do to help them stick around longer?

  • You could use a plugin to put ‘Related Posts’ at the bottom of your blog posts.
  • You could make sure you have interesting (and pretty) buttons in your sidebar to direct them to other pages.
  • You could make it clear in your copy of each page what they should do next.
  • You could declutter in general. People don’t like making decisions and giving them too many options of what to do tends to make them choose nothing at all.

Your Acquisition (where are people coming from)

Do you get a lot of traffic from Google, Facebook or Twitter? Have you been working hard on every social media platform and want to know if it’s worth your time? Keep track of your visitor acquisition! Have you started guest posting but have no idea if it’s actually working? You can see it all in your analytics!

Some things to think about:

  • If you’ve been pinning like crazy to try and get more traffic from Pinterest, but you only see a few hits from Pinterest over time, it’s time to rethink your strategy or consider that your customers aren’t hanging out there and try another social media platform.
  • If you’ve been guest posting a lot, but only get good traffic from a couple websites, stop guest posting on sites that are similar to your failures and reach out to other sites similar to your successes!
  • Do you have spikes of traffic on the days you send your newsletter or publish a blog post? Keep at it because you wouldn’t have gotten that traffic without it! (This one motivates me particularly well on those days where writing a post seems daunting)

What about all the other stuff?

There are sooo many different ways to look at your traffic in Google Analytics (and much more than those 2 examples above). It can seem a bit daunting at first. But you should know the basics. So to help you out, I’ve created a video going through the basics that I look at on a weekly basis when checking in on my GA account.

Google Analytics 101

And if you don’t have an account set up yet, the next video is for you. When you build (or have me build!) your website, you’ll need to set up your account and get it linked to your website.

How to set up your Google Analytics Account

Let me know in the comments: Are you tracking your analytics? If not, get on it!


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  • I set up Google Analytics a couple months ago and have never logged back into my account to check the detailed stats (although I check the ones available in the WP dashboard). So I think I am your ideal viewer – everything was new information! Thank you so much for walking through it, and I like how you talked about what certain things could mean and how things could be improved (I see lots of room for improvement in my stats!). You rock!

  • THANK YOU LEAH!!! This was such a timely post for me!! I have been so confused for so long about how to set up the account and where to put it. Awesome info once again!

  • Great Google Analytics Tutorial…I love your style, how step-by-step you take me through each action…you honestly demystified what seemed so very intimidating. Thanks so much Leah. I just discovered your tutorials, and I love everyone I have watched. Thanks so much, very helpful, keeps me engaged, very natural great design branding and love your music intro.

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