Carlota“The best reason to hire Leah Kalamakis to design your website is that even if you’re not 100% sure of what you want, or what you think you should want, or why do you even need a website because oh my god, this is scary and can’t you just go back to bed and hide, yes, even if you’re like most of us, and the thought of building a website makes you want to burst into tears and/or vomit, Leah will make it all right in the end. And by “all right,” clearly I mean, she’ll make it amazing.

I went into this process with only the vaguest idea of what I wanted, and Leah knew the right questions to pose about my business, my goals, my personality in order to help me help her create a website that I still sometimes can’t believe is mine. Not to mention, she’s lighting fast! When she sent me the mock-ups, I was literally stunned: this beautiful, professional website was mine? Immediately, my inner 8 year-old was smugly doing cartwheels and tap-dancing frantically with joy. I didn’t get a pony, okay, I got something way better: Leah Kalamakis to envision and design my website. People love to throw about words like “amazing” and “fantastic,” but Leah is all that and more. She’s the real deal. Love her!.”

—Carlota Zimmerman,


tweet-blueMy #girlcrush on the extremely talented, patient & lovely @leahkalamakis continues. Need an amazing #website built? Hire her. Now. #TeamLeah —Carlota Zimmerman @kittenmagix


Elisa HeadshotI really feel very optimistic now that have a website I love. My friends, family and the clients that have seen the site love what you’ve done. As a brand new business owner, I believe it’s going to provide me with a great structure to build upon as I grow my business. I feel they take my business efforts more seriously because of it. I’ve been told that it reflects my personality and taste. :)

I loved your willingness to listen, your prompt replies (just at the perfect time when I woke up and tackled my emails), the easiness in communication (lack of drama and plenty of sincerity), and your ability to understand and visually reflect what I was looking for.

I’d definitely recommend you to anyone willing to collaborate in the process, someone who has a clear picture of her likes/dislikes and who needs the final product done quite rapidly.”

—Elisa Plaza,


fb-blue“I have to give a huge hug and shout out to Leah Kalamakis. She created tabs for twitter, pinterest & my newsletter. My page feels so much more professional! I adore this girl!! She is amazing and so lovely to work with!”

—Amy Logan Wengreen, Soul Candy Company

Corin-Headshot“OMG! Meet the woman who saved my life, Leah Kalamakis. This year I had THE WORST website shame…My big bro who created an entire US military website from scratch offered to help me with my cute little WordPress site and after many failed attempts, WordPress broke his soldier ass. After making a grown man cry, I found Leah. Leah is so easy to work with, is super fast, extra responsive, and totally got where I was coming from. She gave great advice and never made me feel dumb or lame about this stuff, even though I totally deserved it . Completely easy process and so happy that I found her!! Many thumbs up to her so if anybody needs to whip up some website design that has got some personality check Leah Kalamakis out!”

—Corin Grillo,


fb-blue“You were amazing to work with! Recommending you to anyone/everyone who asks”

— Hannah Pasquinzo


Hannah-Headshot“I have no more website shame!!! Whoohoo! This is my first go ’round working with a web designer, I was super satisfied. You really deliver what you say you’ll deliver, and you also threw in a couple of things I didn’t expect you to (free of charge)! I LOVE it when people do what they say they’re going to do.

I didn’t see anything else out there that was just what I needed to get started: great design with an awesome opt-in at a reasonable price. And I love that I can come back to you at a later date, as my business gets going, to add more functionality or spruce things up! You were very professional, organized, timely, and awesome!

—Hannah Pasquinzo,


fb-blue“If you’re still looking for someone, Leah Kalamakis is my go-to girl!! Just talked to her again today and she is brilliant!”

— Nathalie de Ahna


Courtney Headshot“I just want to give a big shout-out to Leah Kalamakis for the beautiful, speed-tastic, supercalifragilistcexpialidocious web design work that she did on my precious baby!

Hiring her was like, the easiest thing I’ve done in the past 3 months and I’m so glad I did.”

—Courtney Johnston,


fb-blue“Almost finished the opt-in on my page thanks to the amazing + talented + lovely Leah Kalamakis!!!”

— Cat Macary


Katie Headshot“You were right on top of things, despite the time difference, and that was really important after I launched. You were willing to hold my hand a bit, with little things that I should know how to do (but don’t!). The videos you created were really helpful. You told me exactly what you needed and where to put it– that was helpful. You have a knack for problem-spotting and for troubleshooting. It was like having a great project manager on the job.

I’ve had more site visits in a week than I’d have in a month on my other site. I get lots of compliments on the site, too. Having the new website was like having a fresh start. Even though my posts aren’t all that different from my other site, I get a better response (with likes and shares) because of your clean and thoughtful design. I’d recommend you to anyone who places importance on design, looking to upgrade their site/brand.”

—Katie Haines,


fb-blue“Leah Kalamakis paints rainbows! Yup- she helped me ‘turn up the radio’ as Madonna would say on my FB tabs! Still tweaking the sound but they are playing louder than before, POP! Check her out!”

—Minista Jazz

Sas PetherickLeah worked her magic on the Let it Go Self-coaching Journey – an ebook incorporating journalling exercises and audio files. She brought the whole thing to life, seamlessly incorporating the design from my site. Leah was flexible and super-skilled as well as being kind and thoughtful.

I am so proud of what we made together! If you are looking for someone who is ready to partner with you on a project, call Leah.

– Sas Petherick,


Shannon F Ball“Leah is incredibly responsive, quick, kind and gracious. I now feel really proud to send people to my site. I feel like I have a grown-up girl site :) I also feel more competent in my online community building. You made it pretty damn user-friendly. I’d recommend you to everyone. Seriously. I loved everything about the experience.”

-Shannon Ball,


Tammy Headshot“The feedback I’ve received from people about my website has been great. I loved that you took the time to educate me about my website and technical things. I felt that I was learning along the way. You are wonderful to work with and you do business from the heart, which makes people feel cared about.

You truly care about the person you are designing a site for. It doesn’t feel as if it is just a business to make money, but that you care about people and want them to have a website they love.

Thank you again for your kindness, patience and support during the design process and for everything you taught me and did for me. I am forever grateful. I know I have said this before, but I’m going to say it again: You went above and beyond and your customer service/caring heart made the process so much better for me.”

—Tammy Blomsterberg,


Angelica Headshot“Leah has done such a fantastic job designing my website – I am forever grateful to the universe sending me the right person in the right time! I have worked with few designers on my other websites in the past and always ended really disappointed.

Leah, for me, did “magic” and absolute make-over! She has amazing creativity, she is full of ideas, and has very sharp designer skills. It has been nearly six months with my new site and I have received calls and emails from all around the world – all thanks to Leah’s rocking web design – people love it and praise it so much, as it is very unique and gorgeous. Thank You so much Leah!”

—Angelica Horvatic,, Dubai


Noova“We were hesitant to hire someone to build our website and thought we could do it on our own with those free themes that are available. We tried it out but it just wasn’t as professional as we needed it to be for our business. There were always technical problems going wrong, especially with video and audio that we didn’t know how to fix. We knew that if we wanted to take our business seriously we needed to invest in a professional web designer.

Leah helped us understand the important things we needed to add and what was not necessary.

Since our site launched, we feel confident to show it to our prospective clients and it really helps seal the deal. Our prospects take us seriously and are impressed with how professional we are compared to a lot of other musicians out there.

If you want to up your game and give the world the right impression of your business, hire Leah, she’ll make it happen!

—Noova Jazz,


Carlie HeadshotLeah is extremely easy to work with. She listens to what you want while adding some of her own opinions through the experience she has gained in the field. I wasn’t sure how the communication would work being thousands of miles away, but this was NEVER an issue. She’s accessible on skype for those clients that really need to walk through things. Leah is very quick to respond and she listened to what I wanted.

All the instructions she provided allowed me to do things on my own, and her willingness to help if I didn’t understand something. People take my business more serious as my website is much more professional.

—Carlie Fitzpatrick,


Maralise Headshot“Leah has the ability to get to the core of the issue, help clients clarify what needs to go on the website and take their already worked text and put into a WordPress website at an affordable price. In addition, although located in France, we had great email and skype communication…never an in-person meeting but were able to get the work done!

Leah has been the best webmaster for PCCDR. She helped us in a moment of crisis to move all content to a redesigned sleek and simple format. She was able to guide the underlying technology to a new platform, hosting agency and maintain our crucial line of communication with our clients, volunteers and community partners. During the crisis and during regular communication with us, she maintains a professional communication with clear expectations and meets all deadlines. We appreciate her insights and ability to translate our organizational culture to the internet. Do you want a quality website done fast, efficiently and professionally: Leah Kalamakis is your webmaster.”

—Maralise, Executive Director,


All the instructions she provided allowed me to do things on my own, and her willingness to help if I didn’t understand something. People take my business more serious as my website is much more professional.
Carlie Fitzpatrick
Leah Kalamakis
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