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This one thing will make or break your business (and sanity).

Your Process Matters

Your process matters.

More than how much you blog.

More than social media.

More than the actual services or product you deliver.

So we can already assume you are awesome at what you do.

But your process…

is what makes the difference between constantly searching for new clients…and being booked out in advance.

You may have noticed I haven’t blogged as much around these parts. And if you’ve visited my Facebook page lately, you may have wondered why I haven’t been as active.

No, it’s not because I’m just too crazy busy or focusing all my energy on my side-projects.

It’s because I don’t NEED to.

This year I’ve been booked out consistently 3 months in advance. Right now, I have a wait list to start in 2015. I’m not saying that to brag, or as a sneaky way to tell you to get on that wait list asap if want to work with me.

I’m saying that to tell you that there is something more important to a successful business than constant marketing.  Referral business.

It starts with your client process.

Why Your Process Matters 

Referral business is the best businessIt’s the key to steady referral business

Your clients expect you to be able to do what you say. It’s what you put on your sales page and it’s what they are paying you to deliver. You are awesome at what you do, that’s a given.

But lots of people are good at what you do.

What makes the difference between you and someone else they may have hired is how easy you make it to work with you and how you make them feel during your work together. And the key to this, is a streamlined process.

It’s the key to keeping you sane and in love with your business

There is no better way to crash into overwhelm, than dealing with what comes at you with no pre-defined process day in and day out. Not having a streamlined process means:

  • Never ending back & forth emails
  • Dealing with each new client inquiry like it’s your first
  • Wasting hours searching for google doc link…or wait, was it in dropbox…or an email thread…or a post-it note? for something a client gave you.
  • Just kinda saying, “Ok I guess we’re done” to a client after a project is complete.
  • Always feelings like your wingin’ it.

Processes & Systems are boring.

Yes, I know that’s what you think when you hear those two words. And I agree with you. But getting yours setup doesn’t have to be as horrible as it seems.

There are tools, lots of tools, that can automate things. And if you break down each step of your client process, you can get things streamlined FAST.

Here is what you should have outlined and automated where possible in your business:

  • Hire Me Forms & Consult Calls
  • Contracts & Invoicing
  • Welcome/Intake Package
  • Project Management
  • Goodbye/Project Ending Package
  • Thank You/Follow up/Feedback
  • Social Media

So if you’re tired of never getting to inbox zero, stressing about each new client inquiry you receive, wondering if your clients know what they’re supposed to do next, feeling awkward on how you wrap up work with a client… need to take some time to streamline your process.

It will save you time.
It will save you sanity.

It will save you having to constantly marketing yourself (because clients will fall in love with you faster).

If you’d like some help (because having someone tell you what you need to do and how to do it is the easiest way to get ‘er done)….I’ve re-opened the doors to my processes & systems course, Stress Less & Impress


I’ve had over 135 members through the course this year, and I’d love to help you too. I’ll be raising the price on Nov 9th, so if you’re ready to finally stop stressing in your business, now is the time to join!

If you have a service-based business, and have been taking things day by day since you started it, it’s time to get strategic!

Because spending time wading through email threads and constantly learning new marketing tactics, is the quickest way to burnout. And I know you want to be in this for the long-haul.

Check out the course details and enroll before the price goes up here!





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  • I purchased Stress Less & Impress a while back and got a lot of useful information from it. Made some really genius tweaks that have made a huge difference in streamlining some of my processes. This was especially helpful in the intake process and consultation scheduling. I highly recommend it to anyone who’s on the fence!

  • Excellent post, Leah. Clients will judge not only the end-result but the process as well. Approaching the many small things with a hazardous attitude can end up in headaches and time wasted, meaning you might not deliver on time–or you will, after excruciating sleepless nights. Being able to focus on the work right away hugely impacts creativity and productivity.

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